Acting Class, Day 6: Where’s my animal skin loincloth?

In my earlier post, I referred to a fictional language that I THOUGHT my voice instructor had called “Ormish.” As it turns out, he’d said “Omnish.” So for those who had the vaguest idea what I was talking about, please note the correction. (And then please explain any known applications for this language to me.) For everyone else, who cares what it’s called? Right? 

Anyway, this morning, I was forced to speak more Omnish, which, I’m pretty sure originated from a Star Trek episode. And then, during our yoga exercises, I assumed a “warrior pose” that was probably first demonstrated by an indigenous tribeswoman in response to “caveplace sexual harassment.”  

Perhaps this is all laying the groundwork for my first acting role as a cavewoman. (I’m thinking of something similar to Raquel Welch’s character in One Million Years BC, not a sidekick to one of those GEICO guys.) Otherwise, all this speaking gibberish and displaying aggressive postures is just making me feel supremely stupid.


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