My first screenplay

I’ve been away from my blog for several weeks, so I thought I might owe my readers an explanation–both of them. Both readers, that is, not both explanations.

The truth is, I’ve been writing a screenplay for several months. At one point, I simply became so involved with my screenplay that I didn’t wish to write anything else. I’ve become obsessed, in fact, with the story, and now I’ve finally surfaced for air.  

Last Friday, I sent the script (the 10th draft of it) off to a professional script reader in L. A.  Simultaneously, I sent it to a local college professor.  Within a few weeks, I should hear from them just how brilliant the script is . . . or isn’t. I’m braced for the worst (This sucked!) and hoping for the best (Wow! I’m going to personally contact a studio executive I know!). 

So that’s my explanation for where I’ve been, in case some of you feared I’d fallen off my meds. Not that I actually require medication. I don’t take anything stronger than chocolate. I do, however, wash that down with a little red wine now and again.






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4 responses to “My first screenplay

  1. Nectarfizz

    you go girl..When you become world famous I am selling your autograghed book.heh..(huggles) I know you can do it!

  2. Diana,
    Can’t wait to see Renee on the big screen! Let’s go to Hawaii to celebrate when that happens!

  3. totallyskewed

    After considerable revision (and encouragement), this project remains on hold. Updates to follow.

  4. Judy Mullins

    Just want to say congratulations on the completon of your hard work this year. I will be watching for it on the big screen, with your name in BIG PRINT.

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