Totally Skewed Economics: Ways to fight back during a recession

Ways to fight back during a recession


Rule #1: Reduce your cooling costs  

So you think the price of a movie ticket is too high? How much does it comparatively cost to heat or cool your house for three hours during peak electricity demand periods? Uh-huh. That’s what I thought. Movie tickets remain a bargain—especially in the South. During August. Save some bucks, adjust your home thermostat, and go to the theater.

You might also consider enrolling in a night class at your local junior college. You can more than cover the tuition with what you’ll save on your utility bills. And you just might learn something—such as how to accurately define a recession, though probably not how to weather one—in the process. If nothing else, you’ll feel wiser simply from being around so many students who are text messaging in class.

Looking for no-cost alternatives? Spend an afternoon or evening at your local library, read all the periodicals for free (while these publishers can afford to remain in business), and use the computers to surf those sites you wouldn’t dare attempt at home. (I’m talking about the ones that scream “VIRUS ATTACK,” not the ones your spouse would object to.)

No library in your community? How about your local bookstore? The store clerks don’t know if you read your last novel in high school. They’ll think you’re there to actually purchase something—like maybe a latte.



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3 responses to “Totally Skewed Economics: Ways to fight back during a recession

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  2. Carleton Place Public Library

    We have promoted our library in this way during the summer months as a cool place to go as well a being free! I don’t know how many people have actually visited strictly because of the air conditioning, but it sure does make for a nice slogan.

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