Totally Skewed Economics: Recession Survival Tips

Recession Survival Tip of the Day

Coupons –  Printing online grocery coupons only makes sense when it makes cents. If you have to drive to the nearest office supply store and buy a new color ink cartridge before you can print a coupon that will save you 35 cents on single-ply toilet paper, then you’re in for both an expensive and an unsanitary outcome.   


                   It’s better to waste a discount coupon than it is to waste real currency. If you have a coupon that is good for a $10 savings on purchases of $100 or more, then what you really have is a thoroughly stupid excuse to overspend.


Go ahead and buy what you need, but don’t buy more than you should just to keep from “wasting a coupon.”  (Example: If your coupon is good for $1 on the combined purchase of ketchup AND hot dog buns, and you are Southern, which likely means you don’t put ketchup on hot dogs, then just buy the darn buns.)


                   Stack all your unused $10-, $25-, and $50-off coupons together. At the end of the month, calculate the sum of the minimum purchase amounts stated on these discount tickets. Subtract the coupon face value amounts. THIS is the money you’ve saved with these coupons!


                   Buy one, get one free meal coupons – Unless your coupon specifies that the two meals must be served to separate individuals, single people would do well to order both meals for themselves, pay for one, and take the second serving home for later discard. You might have to eat these leftovers, one night, when you’re gas tank is empty and you’re too broke to fetch sushi.


                   For couples, “buy one, get one free” meal coupons can offer true savings—provided the participating restaurants have positive health inspection ratings. Otherwise, medical bills may offset any reductions in food expenses.


The skinny on coupons is simply this: These paper slips are neither financially risk free nor FDIC insured. So this makes them about as safe as your mutual funds.






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