Totally Skewed Economics: Test your financial performance

Evaluate your financial performance


Many are asked to complete job performance reviews, but it’s beneficial to extend the idea of personal evaluation to home life.  For instance, you might want to ask yourself (but doubtfully your spouse) how well you’ve been managing your family’s financial goals. 

In compliance with The Paperwork Reduction Act, I’ve taken the liberty to provide you with a copy of my own short-form test to assess year-end financial and budgetary progress. Two people have taken this test, and it took them approximately three minutes to complete (but they’re still arguing over the results).

With luck, you’ll find this questionnaire ever bit as helpful as your job performance review.


Place a check mark next to each statement that is true:


Investment Goals


A.___         You summon the courage to read your IRA or 401(k) statements without crying.

B.___          Your investment advisor has stopped calling to ask about trading inactivity.

C.___          Your home has retained at least 80% of its original value.

D.___          You’ve held a garage sale this year.

E.___          You’ve sold at least one item on eBay.     


Personal Savings


A.___         You haven’t yet spent your government economic stimulus check.

B.___          You have on hand at least two week’s living expenses.

C.___          The coins in your change jar include more than pennies.

D.___          You haven’t had to borrow money from your children this year.

E.___           You’ve no more than twice searched underneath the sofa cushions or car seats to collect emergency funds.


Food Budget


A.___         You buy generic canned goods when you don’t have a coupon for name-brand


B.___          You limit gourmet coffee purchases to no more than three Grande cups per week.

C.___          You only eat out in restaurants that provide unlimited servings of chips, bread,

crackers or take-home Splenda packets.

D.___         You take advantage of fast-food value meal pricing.

E.___          You skip breakfast most days in favor of scrounging coworkers’ cubicles for

leftover donuts.


Utility Budget


A.___         Your home includes two or more ceiling fans—and you use them.

B.___          You’ve managed to keep your water bill in the double digits.

C.___          You’ve limited your cable service to no more than two premium channels.

D.___         You call your neighbor and ask them to look up phone numbers before dialing

directory assistance.

E.___          You almost never double-flush.


Gasoline Budget


A.___         You run regular gas in your high-performance car engine.

B.___          You’ll drive more than six blocks to find the cheapest gasoline price.

C.___          You consolidate trips to the salon with those to the mall. 

D.___          You drive your riding lawnmower when traveling short distances.

E.___           You’ve considered walking to neighborhood activities and events.


Scoring:     Give yourself 5 points for each A, 4 points for each B, 3 points for

each C, 2 points for each D, and one point for each E answer.


How well did you do?


51-75 points     You’re on track.  There’s a place for you in Congress!

26-50 points –      With a little more effort you’ll soon be less dependent on credit

card advances and “convenience checks.”

1-25 points –        Consult with a bankruptcy attorney.



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One response to “Totally Skewed Economics: Test your financial performance

  1. Very cool quiz, but I got hung up on “D” in the Utility Budget section. People shouldn’t bother their neighbors for numbers when they can also get numbers for free from us at 1-800-FREE411.

    Gotta go consult with a bankruptcy attorney now . . .

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