Totally Skewed: Ways to cut back costs during a recession


Admittedly, I am not financially poor. But that doesn’t mean that I’m immune to the effects of the recent economic slowdown. I, too, have been hit hard by the costs of everyday necessities such as “bright white” paper. Thus, I have been driven to buy “all purpose.”


I don’t mean to make light of the situation. Okay, actually, I do—because there’s really no use in making it any heavier than it already is. Right? I’m poking fun at the recession and the state of our economy because, frankly, this is how I cope with matters that are beyond my ability to change. Maybe that’s how you feel too.


This morning, while showering, I thought about this:  Why must there be multiple kinds of shaving crèmes? The only reason women’s shaving crèmes are fruit-scented and cost more than men’s is because ladies are suckers for scents. When has a guy ever asked his lover, “Mm-mm, honey, what’s that peach smell you’re wearing on your ankles?”



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