How to reduce publishing costs


In my never-ending search to cut expenses, I’ve discovered a business rule many writers have known for some time: Never publish ANYTHING that you have to print yourself. That pretty well explains why this blog was born.


Here, I can write and write and write—assuming that somewhere out there in the vast blogosphere there’s a reader who’s bored enough to stumble upon my posts—and I never have to pay for a single sheet of paper!


No more query letters, clips and sample chapters to print and mail. No more waiting months for an agent’s summer intern to pop out his or her ear buds and respond to the boss’s freaking e-mail. No more strategizing about how to get Internet surfers to click on the link that leads to my Web site that pitches my book that’s sold on Amazon and stored in my closet because, at the current rates, I can’t afford an air conditioned warehouse.


Yes, I have at last uncovered the path to publishing profits! Okay, maybe not PROFITS. But at least to dramatically lower expenses.


So here we are, just me and you—and maybe a few billion other bloggers—working to protect our forests from the paper mills. Kind of makes you feel all warm and tingly, now, doesn’t it? We are saving trees. Authors, however, are still starving and dying. But, hey, there’s no chance we’ll ever run out of them. Right?




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