Totally Skewed: Golf Carts Take to the Streets?


In current news stories—to which I will provide links at the bottom of this post—it has been reported that electric golf carts are now being legally driven on city streets in Wisconsin. This, I believe, is the direct result of a population suffering from insufficient exposure to sunlight. Shortages of vitamin D must contribute to crazy ideas. Either that or someone should check the cheese.


Before I’d EVER risk steering my way across town on a golf cart I’d have to be stranded from all other forms of transportation, seriously injured, and seeking immediate death.


It’s your gas or your life, folks. What are you thinking? Come on! This recession isn’t THAT bad!


Here are the links I promised:


And here’s a link to my website:




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One response to “Totally Skewed: Golf Carts Take to the Streets?

  1. Next these darn fools will be riding their bikes! I say we band together and start a home for wayward SUV’s. 😉

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