Totally Skewed: Rent a designer purse?

The Latest Fashion Trend: Rent a Designer Purse?


I keep reading about women who are so concerned with fashion and appearing wealthy that they’re renting designer handbags. Notice that I said RENT, not purchase! And here I always thought that those rental center places were just for people who can’t afford the basics. In my world, a $1,600 purse is not only a nonessential item but quite possibly a health hazard.

I must admit that the concept of renting what you have too much of to someone who can’t afford similar goods is a sound one. In fact, I believe this is how car leasing originated.

Anyway, I checked my closet and found several purses that I own but seldom use. So I thought, Why not rent these darlings and make some extra income? If you’re interested in leasing one of my handbags, please let me know. The photos and prices appear below:



It’s never too soon to think about the holidays. Nothing says Christmas like this Santa satchel made of 100% polar fleece! A real party conversation piece. Rent it today for just $5/month!




For the more conservative, this black and red wool number provides the perfect accent to anyone’s wardrobe—and it does double-duty as a fun handbag for lumberjack theme parties! It can be yours (or at least look like it is) for a mere $8/month!



Have a chic soiree to attend? How about this tiny black silk evening bag? The genuine rhinestone embellishments are sure to make you the talk of the town.  Lease it today for just $7/month.



Want to look like you’ve been on a luxury vacation? How about this festive hand-painted canvas bag? Purple letters near the top form the words “Cabo San Lucas.”  This flashy yet durable party purse is made of 100% water-resistant fabric (a real plus when spilling your drink). Rent it today for only $5/month!



Want others to think you’re a globe traveler? Nothing screams “safari” like this all-purpose travel tote with an attached camera compartment. This functional accessory is great for excursions—or just looking like you’ve been on one! Rent it today for the incredibly low price of $4/month!



This end-of-season special is made of lime green painted straw and is the perfect companion when shopping for produce—especially lemons and limes. A purse that is sure to lighten even the sourest of moods! Lease it today for only $3/month! A real bargain!



Can’t decide which handbag is right for you? Rent them all for a mere $25/month! That’s a $7 savings! With that $7, you might even lease a designer cell phone case!





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2 responses to “Totally Skewed: Rent a designer purse?

  1. This is hysterical. I especially love the Santa purse. M:)

  2. Hahahaha. You make a good point! I think that handbag rentals in general are a good thing, when used in moderation. Like if you have a big event to attend or some special occasion that you want a special bag for. But as far as day to day use, I guess it’s a little silly. Soon they’re going to be renting watches and even LUGGAGE. Haha. Do you have any Christmas luggage for rent??? Let me know! =)

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