Is your refrigerator making you fat?

Should I buy a freezer?



According to recent reports, freezer sales are on the rise. I think this is due to increases in food costs. (Surely there can’t be that many people needing to hide a body.)


Maybe the sudden surge in freezer purchases results from a good old-fashion desire to hoard during lean times. Either that or TV dinner and pizza packaging have finally pushed their way plumb out of the standard side-by-side.


If I purchased a freezer of any size, I’d have to place it in my garage (where it would consume all the space I need for more important items–like discarded treadmills). And what would be the point in that?


Besides, in the summertime the freezer would require more “juice” to run than I could justify. 


So it appears that I will not get to participate in this national trend. That really bums me out because, just last week, Lean Cuisine TV dinners were on sale, two for $5. And I couldn’t take advantage of it.


In more ways than one, I have to admit my refrigerator is making me fat.



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One response to “Is your refrigerator making you fat?

  1. Nice job, that reads really well, and I appreciate your slant on the purchase item. Good read.


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