99 Cent Stores Raise their Prices


This just in; the 99 Cents stores are raising their prices! For the first time in 26 years of operation, the stores will carry items with prices that exceed the contents of two penny coin rolls. This will not only cause potential shopper confusion of 99 Cents stores with the Dollar Store but could very well lead to further inflation of copper prices. Where will folks find incentive to clean under their car seats or break their little ones’ piggy banks?


A 99 Cents stores company spokesperson says further details of the price changes will be released in a news conference on Monday. But already the stores have had to reduce the size of packaging from a dozen to a half-dozen eggs to stay within the 99 cent price promise.



Why not simply sell eggs in pairs? A cake mix normally calls for only two eggs, anyway. And with Halloween approaching, just think how many homeowners would appreciate being spared some yoke.


Why not narrow the types of products sold to offset rising costs? What kind of “beauty products” can you realistically expect to buy for 99 cents and not look like the Joker and smell like a Laundromat, anyway? And how much money do you really save if the expiration date on your salad dressing forces you to discard the product four months sooner than you’d need to throw away an equivalent conventional store purchase?


But there’s just something magical about the words “99 cents” that’s always been attractive to consumers. I suspect this is the result of adult longings for the dime stores of our youth, the M. E. Moses, Mott’s Five & Dime, Ben Franklin’s and F. W. Woolworth stores of yesteryear. Ah, what I wouldn’t give for a 10-cent soda and a nickel candy bar, right now. Well, today I suppose I’d have to give at least $2.50!     







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