Totally Skewed: McCain/Obama Debate Humor

For those who missed last night’s presidential debate, here’s a brief recap of what each candidate said he’d propose to do about the current economic crisis:


John McCain:     We absolutely must address this situation in America because this is America and we’re Americans. We’re a great country, America. We’ve risen above challenges in America before, and Americans will come through this victorious again. America. I just love that word. Oh, yes. Don’t listen to “that one” over there (referring to Senator Obama) because he doesn’t understand.


Barack Obama:  We have to fix this problem, and we have to do it right. The middle class must receive support. They won’t stand for this any longer. This problem must be addressed and it must be addressed NOW. Washington cannot do what it’s done for the past 8 years. We cannot ignore this any longer. We must do something, and we must do it right. NOW. And by the way, what I DO understand is that McCain is being a jerk.


Essentially, it took 90 minutes for each to say what both admitted in their final comments. John McCain acknowledged that he had “no idea where we’re heading,” and Barack Obama said wherever it was, if he couldn’t figure things out when he got there, he could always ask his wife.

The great Tom Brokaw, who mediated this event, closed the debate by telling both men, “You’re standing in front of my script.”



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One response to “Totally Skewed: McCain/Obama Debate Humor

  1. Anne LaBelle

    Thank so much for the re-cap! I must admit, I skipped the debate. But now I feel as if I’d endured the whole thing–only I didn’t have to waste an evening to find out nothing!

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