What every unemployed person should know


Recently, I saw a headline that read “10 things you should know if you become unemployed,” and being the curious (and theoretically unemployed) person that I am, I clicked on the link to see what words of wisdom might be found. Ironically, most of the “tidbits” were nothing more than items for which an unemployed person could claim tax deductions. Tax deductions! Excuse me, but don’t you first need income against which to claim those deductions? 


After I quit laughing, I devised the following list of 10 things that truly would be beneficial to know if you become unemployed:

10 Things You Should Know if You Become Unemployed


#1      Where to get the best price for scrap metal


#2      How to reach your richest relatives


#3      The best time to plant garden seeds


#4      How to open an eBay account


#5      The highest traffic areas for garage sales signs


#6      The directions to your nearest thrift center


#7      What time of night the local grocer discards the rotisserie chickens


#8      What to do in case of an unexpected power loss


#9      How to siphon gasoline without swallowing any


#10    The correct way to pitch a tent



Feel free to pass this on to anyone who might need to know this.












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