Totally Skewed: Current Economic Outlook


Current Economic Outlook Mixed



Good News                                                Bad News


Gasoline is getting cheaper by the day.      Your car is about to be repossessed.


New car prices are lower than they’ve       You can’t get a car loan.

been in years.


Credit card interest rates are moving          You’re still paying “over-the-limit” fees.



Housing prices are growing more               You now need a job to qualify

affordable.                                                 for a mortgage loan.


Bank savings and deposits are insured       Your savings never exceeded

to $250,000.                                              $1,000 anyway—and you’ve recently spent all

                                                                of it.


Stock prices are at historic lows.                You can’t “short” your 401(k).


Technology-related merchandise                You’re struggling just to keep

is getting cheaper.                                       the cable service turned on.


Grocery prices are stabilizing.                    You still can’t afford dog food.


We’re about to elect a new President.         You’re about to elect to forgo insurance.


Bargains are sure to abound this holiday      Booze won’t be one of them.





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