The Best Way to Baste a Bird

The Best Way to Baste a Bird


Cooks everywhere have begun their search for the perfect turkey recipe, one that can be made without consulting Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So I’m offering a few time-tested tidbits.


First, you’ll want your bird to be visually appealing, not too dry yet fully cooked–or at least thawed. Nothing ruins a festive mood faster than having a guest find a half-frozen neck inside the main entrée. (Don’t ask me how that turkey managed to get his head in there.)


It’s best to cook poultry in a baste that provides a lovely caramel colored glaze, a flavorful hint of sweetness and just the right proof level to keep the kids quiet. That’s why I’m sharing with you my heirloom recipe, Bourbon Turkey Bliss.


If you have any trouble following this recipe, please let your doctor know. You might be suffering from ADHD, Adult Drinking Holidays Disorder.




Bourbon Turkey Bliss


Ingredients:         10-12 lb. turkey, fresh or fully thawed to look that way

                             1 bottle (750 ml), divided, Wild Turkey™ bourbon

 (80 proof or greater)

                             1/3 C honey

                             1/3 C ketchup

                             2 Tbsp. dark brown sugar

                             1 Tbsp. soy sauce


Instructions:  Mix 2 cups of Wild Turkey™ with honey, ketchup, brown sugar, and soy sauce to form basting sauce. Set aside remaining bourbon.


Brush basting sauce on turkey.


Bake turkey in an oven roasting bag at 325 degrees for approximately ½ hour per pound. (That’s the turkey’s weight, not yours.)


Drink any remaining bourbon while the turkey cooks.


Have someone else transfer the turkey from oven to serving platter.


Blissfully serves up to 12!




Read more from Diana Estill, author of Deedee Divine’s Totally Skewed Guide to Life and Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road at








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2 responses to “The Best Way to Baste a Bird

  1. Mary Pat

    Funny! Love what you have done with marketing your book and your web site….be sure to let me know when the book comes out! Mary Pat

  2. totallyskewed

    Thank you for asking, girlfriend. The book is out now–on (They had it before I did, I think.) My first book signing event is Dec. 11, but if you want books before then, just give me a shout.

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