International Space Station toilet repairs



On the 40th anniversary of man’s first walk on the moon, a commode on the International Space Station flooded. This just proves what I’ve always suspected: Even if you spend $19 million on a toilet, it’s STILL going to malfunction. 

According to news wire reports, astronaut plumbers repaired the toilet today. It’s rumored that a crewmember remarked, “One small flush for man, one large plumbing bill for taxpayers!” 

Prior to the commode repair, 13 space station crewmembers shared one lavatory—which is a better than tenfold increase in the ratio of women’s stadium toilets to females attending rock concerts, so, really, the astronauts should recognized their good fortune. 


Earlier this morning, space station director Brian Smith indicated that, if the latrine wasn’t fixed within six days, the broken commode might become a more serious matter.  Presumably, the crew is now grateful to know they won’t need to cancel “enchilada night.”  

The flow goes on!


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