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My first screenplay

I’ve been away from my blog for several weeks, so I thought I might owe my readers an explanation–both of them. Both readers, that is, not both explanations.

The truth is, I’ve been writing a screenplay for several months. At one point, I simply became so involved with my screenplay that I didn’t wish to write anything else. I’ve become obsessed, in fact, with the story, and now I’ve finally surfaced for air.  

Last Friday, I sent the script (the 10th draft of it) off to a professional script reader in L. A.  Simultaneously, I sent it to a local college professor.  Within a few weeks, I should hear from them just how brilliant the script is . . . or isn’t. I’m braced for the worst (This sucked!) and hoping for the best (Wow! I’m going to personally contact a studio executive I know!). 

So that’s my explanation for where I’ve been, in case some of you feared I’d fallen off my meds. Not that I actually require medication. I don’t take anything stronger than chocolate. I do, however, wash that down with a little red wine now and again.






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